Laboratories and Academic Staff

The Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering was newly established in 2003 for conducting their missions by reorganizing Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Earth Resources Engineering. The Department, together with the simultaneously organized Department of Urban Management, Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering, comprises the Department System of Geosciences, which is closely connected with the Undergraduate School of Global Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering. The research and education activities in the Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering are interdisciplinary, comprehensive, and based on theory and practice in collaboration with other organizations in a number of specialized fields.

Concerning the sustainable development of the public infrastructure, we collaborate with the industry, and with the other related establishments such as the Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, the Departments of Global Environmental Education and of Global Environmental Research, International Innovation Center, in the University. The Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering is placed to conduct on and off Campus joint projects, taking the advantage of the characteristics of the organization to promote creative, practical education through the advancement of collaborative researches.


Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff

Applied Mechanics

Jun SAITO [Associate Professor]
Abbas KHAYYER [Associate Professor]

Structural Engineering


Structural Materials Engineering

Takashi YAMAMOTO [Professor]
Satoshi TAKAYA [Assistant Professor]

Structural Mechanics

Yasuo KITANE [Professor]
Yoshinao GOI [Assistant Professor]
Risa MATSUMOTO [Assistant Professor]

Bridge Engineering

Tomomi YAGI [Professor]
Hisato MATSUMIYA [Associate Professor]

Kyohei NOGUCHI [Assistant Professor]

Structural Dynamics

Yoshikazu TAKAHASHI [Professor]
Keita UEMURA [Assistant Professor]

International Management of Civil Infrastructure

Sunmin KIM [Associate Professor]
Kai-Chun CHANG [Associate Professor]

Hydraulic Engineering


Environmental Hydrodynamics

Eiji HARADA [Professor]

Shinichiro ONDA [Associate Professor]

Takumi TAZAKI [Aassistant Professor]

Hydrology and Water Resources Research

Yasuto TACHIKAWA [Professor]

TINUMBANG, Aulia Febianda [Assistant Professor]




Yosuke HIGO [Professor]
Ryota HASHIMOTO [Associate Professor]

Infrastructure Innovation Engineering

Chul-Woo KIM [Professor]


Junichi SUSAKI [Professor]
Tetsuharu OBA [Associate Professor]
Yoshie ISHII [Assistant Professor]

Urban Infrastructure Design


Urban and Landscape Design

Masashi KAWASAKI [Professor]
Keita YAMAGUCHI [Associate Professor]
Riku TANIGAWA [Assistant Professor]

Urban Coast Design

Hitoshi GOTOH [Professor]
Hiroyuki IKARI [Associate Professor]
Yuma SHIMIZU [Assistant Professor]

Earth Resources Engineering



Junichi TAKEKAWA [Associate Professor]

Earth Crust Engineering

Eiichi FUKUYAMA [Professor]
Yoshitaka NARA [Associate Professor]
Nana YOSHIMITSU [Assistant Professor]

Measurement and Evaluation Technology

Sumihiko MURATA [Professor]
Kazuya KOBAYASHI [Assistant Professor]

Cooperating Chairs

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff

Disaster Prevention Engineering (Disaster Prevention Research Institute)


Erosion and Sediment Runoff Control Engineering

Kana NAKATANI [Professor]

Kazuki YAMANOI [Associate Professor]

Hydroscience and Hydraulic Engineering

Kenji KAWAIKE [Professor]
Hiroshi TAKEBAYASHI [Associate Professor]
Takahiro KOSHIBA [Assistant Professor]

Geotechnics for Hazard Mitigation

Ryosuke UZUOKA [Professor]
Kyohei UEDA [Associate Professor]

Hydrometeorological Disasters Engineering

Eiichi NAKAKITA [Professor]
Kosei YAMAGUCHI [Associate Professor]
Yukari (OSAKADA) NAKA [Assistant Professor]

Coastal Disaster Prevention Engineering

Nobuhito MORI [Professor]
Tomoya SHIMURA [Associate Professor]
Amin CHABCHOUB [Associate Professor]

Takuya MIYASHITA [Assistant Professor]

Innovative Disaster Prevention Technology and Policy Research

Takahiro SAYAMA [Professor]
Tomohiro TANAKA [Associate Professor]
Florence LAHOURNAT [Junior Associate Professor]
Eva Mia Siska YAMAMOTO [Assistant Professor]

Waterfront and Marine Geohazards

Michio SANJOU [Professor]
Yasuyuki BABA [Associate Professor]

Yuki IMAI [Assistant Professor]

Endowed Chair

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff

Disaster Risk Management Engineering (West JR)

Naoyuki OTA [Professor]
Naotoshi YASUDA [Assistant Professor]