Admission Policy

The Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering endeavors the followings:

  1. Contribution to sustainable development for the human race from a standpoint of  science and technology, such as in the field of stable supply of natural resources and harmonization with global environment.
  2. Continuance of fundamental element technologies that have supported public infrastructure and energy development.
  3. Creation and development of new technologies and design methods concerning the improvement, operation, and maintenance of public infrastructure and disaster mitigation as well as those related to the exploration, development, and utilization of natural resources and energy. 
  4. Integration and deployment of those technologies in the framework of computational mechanics and applied mechanics both in experiments and theory.

Following the policy, the Department welcomes a wide variety of students in engineering or related fields who have a clear awareness of the preservation of the natural environment and the establishment of comfortable, convenient, safe, healthy public infrastructure that extends beyond the framework of existing engineering fields.

In the Master's Program (Doctoral Program Stage 1), we confirm by means of a written examination the possession of specialized knowledge concerning structural mechanics, hydraulics, soil engineering, resource engineering, and other aspects of public infrastructure development, energy and disaster mitigation. To expand our variety of students beyond the existing departmental framework, we have established a path for approving enrollment by conducting a special entry examination to confirm the level of specialized knowledge possessed by the applicants including full-time workers. To welcome international students, we conduct an entry examination for international students in February of each year.

In the Doctoral Program, to nurture high-caliber researchers who can engage in interdisciplinary and international research that conforms to the department's purpose and objectives, we welcome students after conducting oral examinations concerning their specialized fields to confirm the possession of sufficient capabilities to perform research. In particular, we have Exam for PhD thesis draft as a path to welcome full-time workers who possess sufficient research achievements. For the convenience of applicants, we usually conduct enrty examinations for the Doctoral Program twice a year to enable enrollment for the spring term and autumn terms.