2013 April Enrollment

Gang Xue

Name GANG Xue
Enrolled year 2013
Hometown Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China
Study Area or Concentration Urban planning and transportation planning
Laboratory Urban and Regional Planning Laboratory
University or college of your undergraduate Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

What did you study or major in undergrad?

laboratoryI majored in Asia Pacific Studies (Social Science) as an undergraduate. I focused on studying the environment and development issues in the Asia Pacific region. Since the 3rd year of my undergraduate, I became interested in urban planning. I took my related classes and took part in field study of the Asian Development Bank to study and visit international urban planning projects in the Philippines.

Do you have any working experience before starting this Master's Program?

No, I didn't have any working experience before the Master Program.

Why Kyoto University?

laboratory 3Kyoto University is one of the leading universities in Japan and the world. Because I am interested in urban planning, I did a lot of research on graduate schools, and I found that the Urban and Regional Planning Laboratory in Kyoto University studies many problems that occur in cities and regions, such as land use, transportation, houses and the environment. I think this is the most ideal university for me, so I decided to enroll in Kyoto University.

Which is your favorite class?

There are many interesting classes offered in the G30 Course. My favorite class is Capstone Project, which allows students to choose research projects of other laboratories. Last year, I chose the project of "How to clean soi, sediments and water" of Environment and Resource System Engineering, which is totally new area for me. In this project, I was able to study the molecular dynamics and Linux operation system, and finished the molecular dynamics simulation with my team members from India and Nepal.

What to you do in your spare time?

kimonoI joined the circle of Kyoto University's Chinese Students and Scholars Association. I was able to participate in many exchange activities, such as kimono dress-up experience, and a freshman welcome party. I also have a Japanese host family. On weekemds, I go out for lunch with my host family, and sometimes they invite me to their family outings like an elementary school sports festival. It is a great chance to learn more about the culture, customes and lifestyle in Japan.

Do you receive any scholarship?

No, I don't have a scholarship now. But I got the tuition exemption for the 1st year.

What do you want/plan to do after you graduate?

I will work at an IT company in Japan after graduating from Kyoto University. I will be a system engineer for transportation management. I hope my training and experience in Kyoto University will help me to construct the most efficient tranportation management system.

Any message for prospective applicants for last?

partyThe international course of Kyoto University is a great chance for foreigners to study in Japan. A wide array of classes is offered in English, so you can study and do research in Eenglish. What's more, if you want to study Japanese, the university provides Japanese language classes for international students. Kyoto University has a  multicultural envirnment where you can not only study knowledge in English and Japanese, but also meet with friends from all over the world. Good luck, and hope to see you next year in Kyoto University.