The last century has brought about various rapid scientific developments. However, it was not without negative legacy such as environmental problems, etc. It is now considered necessary to introduce new scientific technologies based on a new paradigm in order to solve problems of the 20th-century-type society from the technological points of view, and to construct fundamental infrastructures for safe and sustainable societies on the earth.
Specifically, how should one plan, design, construct and maintain important infrastructures in a safe and economical manner in a sustainable civilized society? Also, what kind of technologies for exploration, production and geological information evaluation will be needed in order to utilize the natural resources, energy, and the underground spaces effectively?
The Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering endeavors to solve these problems from the standpoint of Engineering Science. Namely, we aim at technological innovations for the construction of fundamental infrastructures, effective use of natural resources and energy and the creation of safe, sustainable societies on the earth, taking the ecumene, the structures thereof and the resources deposited underground as the research subjects.