A new master’s course program (2 years) in the Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering, Kyoto University has started in April 2011, that is, the International Course in Management of Civil Infrastructure. All lectures and research guidance are provided in English. This course aims to cultivate human resources capable of managing civil infrastructures and addressing environmental issues in various countries, particularly in the developing countries of the Asian and African regions.


Apr 08, 2015

Eligibility screening started. From April 8-April 22, 2015.

Please check here for your eligibility.  

Mar 16, 2015

We now don't accept new applications for ADB-JSP Scholarship as all ADB-JSP Scjolarship places are taken. If we resume appliction for this scholarship, we'll post a notice at our website.

Jan 28, 2015

Special lectures and seminars on construction in South East Asia were held on January 20 and 21. For details, please click here.

Jan 16, 2015

New "Guidelines for International Applicants to the 2016 Master's Course Program" is now available! Please download here.

Nov 07, 2014

New English Supplemental Handout for Guidelines for International Applicants to the 2015 Master's Program is now available.

If you want to appy for international courses through this February exam, please note the followings:

・ Applicants should have contacted the preferred supervisor from whom they wish to receive supervision prior to submitting their application documents, and form must by signed by supervisor.

Applicants should obtain a booklet of Guidelines for International Applicants to the 2015 Master's Course Program wirrten in Japanese.(平成27年度修士課程外国人留学生募集要項) Following is the link to the Guidelines for International Applicants to the 2015 Master's Course Program.


If you have any questions for the admissions to the international course, please do not hesitate to contact us through the inquiry form.